Copyright 2007 Christopher Moeller

Secret Stairs



Project: Ancient

It is currently an alpha release.

2009-10-19: Build:144: Mellowed out monster and auto-pilot player's movements to prevent excessive wobbling.

2009-10-19: Build:143: Reworked monster and player auto-pilot processes so that they are consistant with each other. Fleeing for monsters and players now works. Fixed small buglet with collision response. Added basic highscore file. Added alignment for all monsters. Now monsters and auto-pilot plaayer will only attack monsters which are of the opposite alignment (good won't attack good or neutral, evil won't attack good or neutral, neutral doesn't attack anyone (yet!))

2009-10-15: Build:142: If is missing, then it will randomly choose a name, race, class, font, font hue, and scale (for "attract mode").

2009-10-15: Build:141: Added a game menu (F1 key), which allows the user to edit the game properties, create new characters, etc.

2009-10-10: Build:140: Collision detection/response issues effectively fixed. Now to cleaning up action system, working on that area now and getting playeer/monster behaviors matched properly.

2009-10-4: Build:136: Fixed bugs related to positioning system, which allow me to fix weapon display issues. Also added code to adjust the ascii character shape so that all shapes are translated to the normal origin (e.g. many characters would have x,y values NOT at 0,0 -- because they are font shapes, etc)

2009-10-2: Build:135: HUD now has transparent windows. Player 'auto-pilot' mode now only randomly searches areas that have not been previously visited.

2009-2-5: New version 106 is up. Fixed load /save game issues. Made exiting the game consistant not matter how it happens.

2009-1-28: Fixed bugs related to assignment of Architecture 'landscape' objects to altitude. Enhanced ascii, color, and size representation of landscape objects. Added code to handle movement cost associated with traveling over certain landscapes (e.g. walking over grass is faster than traveling through a forest area, etc.). Added many new types of landscapes. Fixed critical/exception generating bugs related to these new changes.

Fixed bugs related to positioning and layout of HUD text. Now all HUD text uses relative positioning to maximize layout efficiency depending on screen size.

Added a phpBB forum to for tracking 'general', 'bugs', and 'feature requests' discussions.

2009-1-26: Added code to make outdoor levels connect to a larger parcel. Architecture 'landscape' objects (earth, grass, water, etc.) are generated by the altitude or color.

2008-1-11: ESC key now correctly exists game.

2009-1-7: Added configuration option in to choose a save game location. Fixed bug to allow the creation of directory trees.

2009-1-1: Added preliminary code for the generation of fractal outdoor landscapes. Made trees and boulders block the line of site.