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Secret Stairs



Project: Ancient


It ran fine, but now it hangs during startup?


Try deleting the level the character was last on here: .../[userhome]/.secretstairs/[character name]/.level*



The security dialog does not appear. What do I do?


Try waiting longer -- it may take up to one minute to appear.


It doesn't work and the message, 'Applet secret stairs notinited' appears in the browser status bar. Now what?


Perhaps you do not have JRE 1.5 (or later) installed or set as your default Java Plugin (see next question).


Did you previously cancel the security dialog? If so, then you will need to shutdown all instances of that browser and restart. The browser remembers that you did not accept the security certificate and does not ask you again.


How can I tell which version of the Java Plug-in is installed on my Windows machine?


You can check to see if it is installed and set as your default Java plug-in by going to:

Start | Settings | Control Panel | Java

If you do not see 'Java' (or similar) listed in the Control Panel, the JRE is probably not installed. You can get it here.

This dialog (or something similar) should appear:

Then click on the 'About...' button, and you should see something like this (basically make sure that it indicates JRE 1.6.x):

The following bug has been resolved.


After quitting (ESC), the game window persists and does not exit. How can I force it to close?


To exit the game window, the spawning browser window must also be closed.